Additional Services

Document renewals
Although the status as a Permanent Resident does not expire, the card does. It needs to be renewed every 10 years.
EADs and Travel Documents need to be renewed between 120 and 90 days before their expiration.

Reentry permits
Green card holders who need to spend a prolonged period of time outside the US, need to file for a Reentry permit not to lose their status as Permanent Resident.

Start-up consulting
Foreign individuals or companies who want to establish a business in the United States need to be aware of the steps to follow to be able to hire or transfer employees for the new office.

I-9 consulting and internal audits
Every employer in the United States is required to examine and verify the eligibility of each employee to be lawfully employed in the United States, regardless of the immigration status of the employee.
It is good business practice for employers to make regular internal I-9 Audits part of their written Corporate Immigration Compliance Plan, Policies and Procedures.